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What makes us different from our competition? Well that's easy...

Throughout the year we spend all of our time getting better at what we do. Pre-Season Site Training gives us a edge on our competition. We study our sites until we have them down to a science. If our clients sign up with a seasonal snow package by October 15th we discount the year by 7%. Pre-season training will commence within 5 days upon execution of contract. Before the winter comes we will know the site and will be in place to deliver a perfect consistent job.

  • *Sign up by October 15th and get a 7% discount for the year.
  • Currently, Snow Pros of New Jersey is in the process of becoming a certified snow removal company. All employees of Snow Pros are trained on the latest equipment and have been with us for 15+ years. Our communication skills and advanced equipment make us superior to our competition. With our Live Call Center you can rest assured that you will always be connected to your personal site technician 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, including holidays. Our guarantee to you is that all work is completed within 8 hours of snow fall completion.

    Why do our clients come back year after year?

    • Dedicated Site Technicians with over 10 years experience.
    • Live Call Center for immediate attention 24/7.
    • Pre-Season Site Training.
    • State of the art equipment.
    • Attenative and friendly service.
    • Passion for our work.
    • Fully insured auto, comp and liability (5 million umbrella).
    • On site before all snow starts.
    • We subscribe to multiple weather stations.
      Our Services:
    • Large Parking Areas
    • Shopping Centers
    • Condo Complexes
    • Town Homes
    • Industrial Properties
    • Corporate Offices
    • Institution Facilities
    • Churches & Temples

    SnowPros is geared up to handle even the biggest storm. We have the experience and equipment to handle any single event, regardless of size. View our Equipment List.